How much "Enough" is "Enough" for you?

"Enough is Enough" is widely used when one gets irritated and believes that he can't take the crap anymore.

The reasons can be attributed to personal or professional or on both fronts.

There is no single reason for a person to reach this limit and more often than not it is the culmination of many things that frustrates an individual. The reasons are different for every individual.

A real "Bad" day can screw your happyness and one can reach his limit very easily. These limits are set by us.

Impacts > On reaching this limit the first thing that leaves you is your thinking power ( you loose your cool) and the next good thing that leaves an individual is his decision making capability. Now Imagine a poor soul not having two of his best friends that could have helped him to get out of that situation or helped him raise his limits of intolerance. You are bound to make a mistake in absence of above.
Now dependingon what is at stake you can loose much more than you anticipate.
Peace and harmony, future prsopects are the immediate calamities.
No corrective action can help you salvage the lost things. Belive it or not the loss because of this can never be recovered.

How often would one want to be in a situation like this ? Not even once..right.

SO what do I do

How do I cope with it or ensure that I Don' Loose it and no amount of "Enough" is "Enough" for me.


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